Common Engine Problems that You Should Be On the Lookout For

Schedule maintenance of your automobile is of great importance. This does not only prevent unpredictable issues such as a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere, but it also helps in safeguarding the value of the vehicle. Some of the important things to do are to check the various fluids and ensure that they are in the right amounts.

There are fluids that your car cannot go without such as brake fluid, motor oil, and coolant. Besides fluid issues, one problem with vehicles is an engine failure.  There various things that could lead to engine issues.

  • Overheating

You have probably seen a car smoking from its bonnet, this shows that the engine was overheated. It could be the vehicle is overheating while in drive mode or at a standstill. Various things could be leading to this but one way to easily solve the problem is ensuring the proper anti-freeze is used and is at the right levels.

If the proper levels of coolant are maintained but the car is still overheating, it could be that the AC sensors are faulty, the thermostat is broken, the radiator cap and head gaskets are in bad shape or the cooling fan is inoperative. Have a mechanic check on the vehicle to detect the problem.

  • Frequent Engine Stalling

At times an engine can stall due to a simple problem or common issues such as running out of fuel. If this is not the cause, it could be that the car battery has failed. These are not complex issues to fix but if the problem is persistent, it could be something more serious.

A professional should check if it is the engine that is failing and whether it can be salvaged to avoid an entire replacement.

  • Strange Voices from the Engine

The engine of your vehicle consists of so many parts. From spark plugs, crankshaft, cylinders, battery to valves, there are many parts that can contribute to the strange noise coming from the engine part of the vehicle.

Probably there is a part with wear and tear. This can be fixed when the problem is diagnosed in good time.

The engine is sensitive and it’s easy to tell when there is a problem. You do not need to be a professional to tell the functionality of your vehicle is not as it should. To avoid such minor and major engine problems, it’s important that the car is serviced as scheduled.