An Automotive Fluid that Your Car Can’t Work Without

In the automotive industry, there are things that you may not understand what they are used for. Most people will drive cars but they cannot explain how some things help.  

Take for example engine coolant. Your mechanic tells you that it is low and you wonder why you need it in the first place. This is an indispensable fluid that your vehicle must run with. 

Importance of Engine Coolant 
  • During cold temperatures, your engine can freeze if the necessary measures to prevent this are not taken. Also known as radiator coolant, engine coolant prevents the engine from freezing as it has anti-freeze chemicals 


  • Just like its name, engine coolant helps in cooling the engine when it’s hot. Automotive engines tend to overheat during hot weather which is a risk 


  • The water pump needs to be lubricated and this vital car fluid will help in doing this while at the same time helping with other internal workings 


  • Another important role that the radiator fluid has is to prevent corrosion 
When to Replace Engine Coolant 

Considering the importance of having sufficient engine coolant, you should be aware when it needs replacement. It’s not advisable to wait until the engine starts to overheat for you to change the fluid.  

It is important that you check it at least once a week and this means that you should understand when the fluid should be replaced. There are various scenarios that the coolant should be changed. 

  • One scenario is when the engine starts to overheat. Sometimes when it’s urgent, there will be smoke from the engine. You can check the temperature of the engine on the dashboard of the car. When the engine is overheating, you should not drive the car as it can cause a huge damage while at the same time it is dangerous. 


  • Automotive service technicians advise that is of utmost importance that you understand the color changes of the coolant since it should be changed when the color starts to turn. Change in color means it is dirty.  

Besides preventing corrosion, overheating and lubricating internal workings of the engine, you will be avoiding engine replacement and costly repairs when you change the coolant regularly. Your car is important to you and thus you should take good care of it. For it to run effectively and safely, consider coolant flushes often.