Diesel Engine or Petrol One?

A Diesel engine is different from a petrol one in various ways. You have probably wondered why all the big vehicles use diesel instead of petrol. The difference is huge and there are various differences. Diesel engines are powerful and this is the reason big vehicles have them.

Fuel Injection

How fuel is injected into the cylinders is different. For Diesel engines, an injector nozzle sprays fuel into the cylinders of the combustion chamber under extremely high pressure. The pressure is what ignited the fuel for the vehicle to run effortlessly.  The air compression in Diesel engines is double that of petrol. On the other hand, petrol engines rely on spark plugs to ignite making them less powerful than their counterparts. 

Diesel Engines are Noisier

Big vehicles have diesel engines and big cars make noise while petrol ones do not. This is another difference between the two engines. While the petrol ones run quietly, their counterparts will run loudly. A petrol car can drive by slowly and you won’t even hear it but a diesel one will be heard.

It’s Cheaper to Run a Diesel Engine

Gas prices have gone quite high in the past few years. 1 liter is going for over 1 dollar in most parts of the world. Although diesel engines are powerful than petrol ones, they will save you money. This is because diesel oil is more pocket-friendly than petrol. The trick here is to avoid fueling with doctored diesel, ensuring the car is well maintained and the tires are properly inflated.

Diesel Engines Have Turbochargers

Diesel engines are quite powerful and due to the pressure that it needs, most come with a turbocharger. This is important if the vehicle is to function seamlessly. The other advantage of the turbocharger in such engines is that it reduces the amount of fuel used in a single cycle and this is the reason diesel engines are said to save money.

Some Similarities between Diesel and Petrol Engines

Despite them having varieties of differences, they still have their similarities. The two types of engines use a four-stroke combustion cycle which is the intake, compression, combustion and exhaust stroke.

The fuel these two engines use is different and running a petrol engine on diesel will damage it. With diesel engines coming with turbochargers, you are guaranteed that the vehicle will be powerful on rough terrains and in transporting stuff.