How to Choose the Best Car Wreckers in Your Town

Even though you have a lot of memories with your old car, you will have to recycle it when it is not in good running condition.  That’s where you would come across the need to search for the best car wreckers in your town. If you do a simple research on the internet, you will be able to come across several service providers.

However, all those car wreckers would not be in a position to offer the best possible service to you. Here are 5 useful tips that you can keep in mind to find the best car wrecker out of them.

Get your car inspected

Before contacting a car wrecker, it is extremely important for you to get your car inspected. This will assist you to get a better understanding of the overall value of your car. Then you can negotiate with your car wrecker and ask for a reasonable amount.

During the inspection, you will figure out that you can run your car for few more years by replacing some parts. If you can do those repairs, you will be able to receive a higher amount at the car wrecker. Therefore, the amount you spend on car inspection would never be in vain.

Get an approximate value

Secondly, you should get an approximate sale value for your car before you contact a car wrecker. In order to do this, you may get in touch with a vehicle evaluation service in your area. You need to choose the best car wreckers in town by keeping the approximate value of your car in mind.

Do your research

You need to sit back and do a research on the internet to find the best car wrecker in your area. When you are looking for service providers, you need to take a look at the online reviews. These reviews will assist you to get a better understanding of the service you receive. However, collecting quotes from every car wrecker in your area would not be the best thing to do. That’s because the wreckers would usually offer quotes that are under your expectations.

Filter out the best

After your research, you will be able to create a list of car wreckers in your town. Then you come to the important phase of filtering them out. You should always stick to the reputed service providers in your town. That’s where online reviews play a major role. You should also make sure that the car wrecker service you deal with has required business permits and proper license. If you select such a service provider, you will be able to keep the peace of mind.


When you drill down your search to a couple of car wreckers, you need to approach them and negotiate. Then you can figure out what service provider offers you with the best deal. It is up to you to move forward with that service provider and sell your car for junk.

Diesel Engine or Petrol One?

A Diesel engine is different from a petrol one in various ways. You have probably wondered why all the big vehicles use diesel instead of petrol. The difference is huge and there are various differences. Diesel engines are powerful and this is the reason big vehicles have them.

Fuel Injection

How fuel is injected into the cylinders is different. For Diesel engines, an injector nozzle sprays fuel into the cylinders of the combustion chamber under extremely high pressure. The pressure is what ignited the fuel for the vehicle to run effortlessly.  The air compression in Diesel engines is double that of petrol. On the other hand, petrol engines rely on spark plugs to ignite making them less powerful than their counterparts. 

Diesel Engines are Noisier

Big vehicles have diesel engines and big cars make noise while petrol ones do not. This is another difference between the two engines. While the petrol ones run quietly, their counterparts will run loudly. A petrol car can drive by slowly and you won’t even hear it but a diesel one will be heard.

It’s Cheaper to Run a Diesel Engine

Gas prices have gone quite high in the past few years. 1 liter is going for over 1 dollar in most parts of the world. Although diesel engines are powerful than petrol ones, they will save you money. This is because diesel oil is more pocket-friendly than petrol. The trick here is to avoid fueling with doctored diesel, ensuring the car is well maintained and the tires are properly inflated.

Diesel Engines Have Turbochargers

Diesel engines are quite powerful and due to the pressure that it needs, most come with a turbocharger. This is important if the vehicle is to function seamlessly. The other advantage of the turbocharger in such engines is that it reduces the amount of fuel used in a single cycle and this is the reason diesel engines are said to save money.

Some Similarities between Diesel and Petrol Engines

Despite them having varieties of differences, they still have their similarities. The two types of engines use a four-stroke combustion cycle which is the intake, compression, combustion and exhaust stroke.

The fuel these two engines use is different and running a petrol engine on diesel will damage it. With diesel engines coming with turbochargers, you are guaranteed that the vehicle will be powerful on rough terrains and in transporting stuff.

Get Used to These Habits and Increase Your Gas Mileage Significantly

Often, most people complain that their cars consume more fuel than their friends or colleagues despite being of the same brand and make. This is possible and it highly depends on driving habits. You will only need to change and adjust to a few habits which will see you significantly increase your gas mileage.

  • Keep Steady Speeds with Cruise Control

Did you know that you can increase your gas mileage when you use cruise control? This feature in the car allows you to keep steady speeds when driving and the advantage is you can do so for an extended period. This works well when you are driving on a straight road or highway when there is no traffic. 

  • Step on the Accelerator Lightly

Speed thrills while you are on the wheels but it is not the case with many passengers. Speeding consumes a lot of fuel and you will never increase your gas mileage with this kind of driving. To increase your gas mileage and still be safe while at it, it’s highly recommended that you step on the accelerator lightly or drive with a light foot.

  • Drive at Steady Speeds

You can drive with a light foot but with unsteady speeds. This again consumes a lot of fuel. You should not drive at 55 MPH and the next minute you are at 75 MPH and then you change. Driving with steady speeds means that if you start with 55 MPH, you will drive constantly at that speed which in turn increases your gas mileage.

  • Don’t Overload the Car

Overloading the car has effects on the amount of fuel it consumes. This is because the heavier the car is, the harder the engine works and by stressing the engine, it will need more fuel to function properly. With this, you will definitely spend more on fuel. Keeping your car light will help in increasing the gas mileage.

If you feel that your car has been consuming fuel at a high rate, it’s time to consider ways that you can minimize this. The tips may seem to be simple and things that you have tried, but it helps when you are consistent with them. Get into the habit of driving with a light foot, at steady speeds, without overloading the car and using cruise control whenever possible. This will save you money in the long run.

Why you should Fix Wheel Spacers

Some car enthusiasts prefer to customizing their cars to suit their preferences. For example, there are those that like to fit larger tires than usual. Well, this is possible but it has to be done by an expert and the appropriate wheel spacers must be used. Although some do it for beautification purposes, there are others who fix spacers to boost efficiency.

What do Spacers do?

Wheel spacers have several roles to play when fixed in a vehicle. Fixing wheel spacers leads to the tires protruding and this gives balance to the vehicle. They bring in some width and the vehicle becomes more stable on the road.

Spacers Boosts Appearance

Every car owner would like to have an attractive car. Investing in good tires is one way this can be achieved and in addition to this, fixing wheel spacers. The protrusion of the tires once the spacers are fixed boosts the appearance and the car stands out.

Improves Stability

The further the weight of the vehicle is distributed, the more stable it is. Wheel spacers distribute the weight of the vehicle as the tires protrude creating more space between them. This helps on hilly areas, around the corners and in rough terrains. One good thing about this is that it reduces the risk of losing control while on the road.

You can use Custom Wheels

If you have always wanted to use custom wheels but you have no idea how to do it, spacers will be of significant help. It is a challenge to use such wheels if some adjustments have not been done. Fixing spacers makes it easy to use custom and larger wheels than usual.

The Most Important Thing when Fixing Spacers

As wheel spacers increase the efficiency of your car and boost its appearance, it’s important that you choose the suitable ones. If you are not sure about the most ideal, you should work with a specialist. Choosing the wrong dimensions and specifications is a grave danger as this could lead to an accident.

Fixing of spacers depends on your personal preferences. It’s essential that you research the advantages and disadvantages of using these devices on your vehicle. More balance on the road, improved durability, and appearance minimized risks of accidents and toppling over are some of the reasons you should invest in wheel spacers. If you want to achieve this by broadening your car wheelbase, work with a mechanic and choose the most suitable wheel spacers.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Second Hand Car

Buying a new car may not be possible for some which makes used cars a great option. As long as you are aware of the mistakes that you should avoid when purchasing a second hand car, you will be happy with your new purchase. A used car is much cheaper than a new one. Some mistakes can be costly thus you have to be careful with the purchase.

Don’t Fail to Run a Vehicle History Report

This is a report that gives you a lot of information about the car you plan to purchase. It might cost you some extra dollars but it is very important. The report will give you information about issues the car has experienced, accidents if any and about the previous owners. This helps you to make a more informed decision.

Do Not Fail to Test Drive it

Just like you would test drive when purchasing a new car, you should do the same for a used one. There are two main reasons why you should always test drive the used car before you start signing any document or paying. One is you need to make certain that the car is operating as it should.

The second reason is you will avoid the buyer’s remorse. There is no point in buying a car and when you get on the road, you can’t help but to regret spending your money on a car that has issues.

Don’t Fail to Involve Your Mechanic

You have a mechanic that you trust with your car. Once you have settled for the car that you want, you should then involve your mechanic. A mechanic will have a detailed look on the car from the engine, the tires, interiors and mechanical stuff to ensure that it is in good condition and will not bring you issues.

The good thing about working with your mechanic is that they are well versed with different car brands and models. Considering the fact that some car sellers will alter the meter reading, you will require an expert to assist you here.

Don’t settle on the First Car you see

If you do not have a lot of options, chances are you will end up purchasing something that is not worth your money. You could end up buying a car that is highly priced or one that will need a lot of repairs before you can comfortably drive it. This means that you should do your research and have sufficient time to shop whether it’s online or walking to car dealers.

Purchasing a used car should be done carefully. Even if you search online and settle for a car, you should be there in person not only to negotiate for the price, but also to test drive it and get more history about the car. Make sure that you also evaluate your car needs before driving home.

Common Engine Problems that You Should Be On the Lookout For

Schedule maintenance of your automobile is of great importance. This does not only prevent unpredictable issues such as a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere, but it also helps in safeguarding the value of the vehicle. Some of the important things to do are to check the various fluids and ensure that they are in the right amounts.

There are fluids that your car cannot go without such as brake fluid, motor oil, and coolant. Besides fluid issues, one problem with vehicles is an engine failure.  There various things that could lead to engine issues.

  • Overheating

You have probably seen a car smoking from its bonnet, this shows that the engine was overheated. It could be the vehicle is overheating while in drive mode or at a standstill. Various things could be leading to this but one way to easily solve the problem is ensuring the proper anti-freeze is used and is at the right levels.

If the proper levels of coolant are maintained but the car is still overheating, it could be that the AC sensors are faulty, the thermostat is broken, the radiator cap and head gaskets are in bad shape or the cooling fan is inoperative. Have a mechanic check on the vehicle to detect the problem.

  • Frequent Engine Stalling

At times an engine can stall due to a simple problem or common issues such as running out of fuel. If this is not the cause, it could be that the car battery has failed. These are not complex issues to fix but if the problem is persistent, it could be something more serious.

A professional should check if it is the engine that is failing and whether it can be salvaged to avoid an entire replacement.

  • Strange Voices from the Engine

The engine of your vehicle consists of so many parts. From spark plugs, crankshaft, cylinders, battery to valves, there are many parts that can contribute to the strange noise coming from the engine part of the vehicle.

Probably there is a part with wear and tear. This can be fixed when the problem is diagnosed in good time.

The engine is sensitive and it’s easy to tell when there is a problem. You do not need to be a professional to tell the functionality of your vehicle is not as it should. To avoid such minor and major engine problems, it’s important that the car is serviced as scheduled.

An Automotive Fluid that Your Car Can’t Work Without

In the automotive industry, there are things that you may not understand what they are used for. Most people will drive cars but they cannot explain how some things help.  

Take for example engine coolant. Your mechanic tells you that it is low and you wonder why you need it in the first place. This is an indispensable fluid that your vehicle must run with. 

Importance of Engine Coolant 
  • During cold temperatures, your engine can freeze if the necessary measures to prevent this are not taken. Also known as radiator coolant, engine coolant prevents the engine from freezing as it has anti-freeze chemicals 


  • Just like its name, engine coolant helps in cooling the engine when it’s hot. Automotive engines tend to overheat during hot weather which is a risk 


  • The water pump needs to be lubricated and this vital car fluid will help in doing this while at the same time helping with other internal workings 


  • Another important role that the radiator fluid has is to prevent corrosion 
When to Replace Engine Coolant 

Considering the importance of having sufficient engine coolant, you should be aware when it needs replacement. It’s not advisable to wait until the engine starts to overheat for you to change the fluid.  

It is important that you check it at least once a week and this means that you should understand when the fluid should be replaced. There are various scenarios that the coolant should be changed. 

  • One scenario is when the engine starts to overheat. Sometimes when it’s urgent, there will be smoke from the engine. You can check the temperature of the engine on the dashboard of the car. When the engine is overheating, you should not drive the car as it can cause a huge damage while at the same time it is dangerous. 


  • Automotive service technicians advise that is of utmost importance that you understand the color changes of the coolant since it should be changed when the color starts to turn. Change in color means it is dirty.  

Besides preventing corrosion, overheating and lubricating internal workings of the engine, you will be avoiding engine replacement and costly repairs when you change the coolant regularly. Your car is important to you and thus you should take good care of it. For it to run effectively and safely, consider coolant flushes often. 

Tips to keep your car in good condition

Your car is not only an aid, but it can be an investment in the future because depending on the care you give it, you can prolong its useful life. This article tells you the recommendations to prolong the life of your car.

Keeping the car in good condition will help you travel more safely, besides allowing you to drive the car for much longer and someday sell it.

  1. Oil review: It is recommended to change it every five thousand, eight thousand and ten thousand kilometers depending on different factors such as the model and use. It is also recommended to check the oil levels regularly since the lack thereof can cause friction between metals and cause engine damage.
  2. Tire inspection: Maintaining adequate air pressure when calibrating tires is key, it depends on the type of car, tires, and wheels you have. It is also essential to check them to make sure they are not worn, with holes or other irregularities. It is advisable to inspect them by a specialist at least once a year.

  1. Alignment and balancing are also vitally important; the balancing is necessary to avoid vibrations in the steering wheel when driving fast and the alignment is indispensable so that there is a precise direction and an even wear of the tread, it is recommended to do it every ten thousand kilometers.
  2. Brake checking is essential: The condition of the discs, the pads, and the pedal should be checked and checked by a mechanic at least once a month to avoid accidents. In addition, a periodic inspection of the brake fluid will allow a good performance while walking and greater safety when driving.
  3. If the battery is several years old, it is advisable to check it every three months. It is necessary to prevent the battery from drying out because of the lack of liquid since it can affect the operation of the system and reduce its useful life. It is recommended to add battery fluid or distilled water to avoid this problem.
  4. To make your car look like new it is advisable to wash it at least every 2 weeks, in this way the brightness of the paint will last longer and the mechanical parts will have a longer useful life. Also, wash the interior of the car and thus keep the cushion in good condition, this recommendation works very well if you plan to sell the car and get a good price because good maintenance of the interior of the vehicle is one of the things that at first glance check a possible buyer.
  5. Once you have completed the warranty of your car and you can no longer use your dealer, it is essential to get a reliable mechanic who does not charge you for unnecessary repairs and offers guarantees and good prices.
  6. It is necessary to check the lights and check that they all work and turn on correctly since if they are misaligned they can be dangerous for you and for other drivers.
  7. Check the fluids is also vital to the car: the windscreen wiper, brake fluid, transmission fluid, among others should be checked once a week.
  8. Lastly, change the windshield wiper blades at least once a year to avoid blurred vision during the rainy season.

Once you comply with these tips, you can leave quietly to drive your car without any inconvenience.

What to Pay Attention to When Buying a New Car !

Buying a car is not an easy thing to do. You’re buying a transportation vehicle you will have to drive every day and you must pay attention. Most people make the same mistake when buying a car because all they care about is a brand.

What are you looking for in a car?

However, that’s not a car’s most important feature. Before we reveal the most important feature you have to pay attention to when buying a car, answer this. What’s most important to you in a car? Is it the speed? Or the appearance? Maybe the brand? If it’s one of these features, you should ask yourself, why are you buying this car. Will you take it to an exhibition or perform street races?

Brand, appearance, and speed aren’t the most important features you should pay attention to when buying a car

If it’s none of these things, then you should pay attention to comfort. Comfort is the most important feature of a car. If you don’t feel comfortable while driving in your new car, you’ve wasted your money. That’s why you need to choose carefully and chose comfort before appearance, speed, and brand.

If you chose comfort, you will enjoy driving your car every day. Are you doubting your car choice now? If yes, we’re here to help you chose the proper car that won’t overcome your budget but will meet your needs and be comfortable. We will share a few tips on how to chose the right car for you and turn every future ride into a pleasant and comfortable journey.

Decide whether you want to buy an old or new car

It’s natural that everyone wants to buy a new car, however, sometimes we can afford it. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to buy a new car and remember to choose comfort over appearance and brand. However, if you can’t afford it (you’re not the only one) chose to buy an old used car. Although buying a used car is considered as buying a less quality car, sometimes, it’s not so. You can actually find a good comfortable car within your budget only if you do a good research. Don’t rush when buying an old car. Consider your options and chose the one that meets your imagination the most. However, don’t forget about the comfort.

When you chose the car you want, spend some time alone with it

Although it sounds awkward, spending time alone with your potential car is smart. Ask for a test drive around the city and see if you can get used to the car. Check the comfort and possible shortages. Same goes for those who will decide to buy a new car. If you find the car comfortable and pleasant to drive, buy it.

If not, don’t be ashamed to turn down the owner and look for another car. And when you find your dream car, try to make a good deal. Point out the shortages, possible damage repairs and miles spent. Remember that owners always give a prize that can be lowered.

Best Automotive Financing Companies 2017

If you operate or own an automotive service center, having proper equipment is essential in remaining competitive and keeping costs low. In an economy that keeps fluctuating, things are getting harder for business owners as well as customers.

With the increase in fuel costs and insurance rates, it is essential to the client to ensure value for their money. Economic hardships are driving customers to find proper yet affordable services for their vehicles. Any repair shop or service center is only as good as its reputation.

Therefore, it is the obligation of the service business to attract clients by providing top-notch services to vehicles ensuring customers safety and value for their money. Investing in the correct automotive tools and automotive equipment will keep your business costs down and attract more clientele. Here some of the best ways to invest in such tools and equipment.

Comparing Prices

Having the correct set of tools and equipment for automotive ensures customer satisfaction. To get the best deal, proper research should be done. This can be done through an online search or through “window shopping.” The internet has allowed people to be more informed and one can get numerous deals for the Right Automotive Tools and Automotive Equipment. Shopping sites have become more accessible, and automotive service businesses can simply search for the best items and compare their quality and prices as well.

Avoiding Scams and Fakes

Business success entails proper uses of tools and equipment. Substandard items may be the cause of failure in your business due to decreased productivity. When shopping for automotive tools and equipment, one should realize that there are many scammers and fakes in the market. To avoid being duped into buy sub standard goods, ensure that the site used is a genuine one with a good reputation. When it is a physical shopping, always go with an expert to determine true from fake ones.

Learning your Customer Needs

When investing in the Right Automotive Tools and Automotive Equipment, you have to consider what your clients need. There is no reason to invest in expensive equipment that is seldom used by your mechanics. Instead, focus and spend more on the major services provided to your clients. This is to increase productivity as well as cutting costs for your business.

Knowing Your Competition

Competition can be found in any business model whether in the automotive industry or the food industry. Market analyses are necessary when you have competing businesses around. This ensures that you know exactly what your clients need and what kind of competition you are facing.

But what’s more important is learning about your completion. This involves knowing what their weaknesses are and creating opportunities out of them. For example, a certain competitor may be lacking certain equipment in their repair shop.

To utilize that, a wise automotive business owner will invest in the said equipment to attract such clients and build a vast clientele. By investing in your automotive business, profits are assured while clients will be confident of your services.